12 Days of Low Waste Swaps – Round up!

Welcome to our 12 days of low waste swaps mini-series! Whether you’re just starting on your journey or quite a way in there will be a swap for you below!

plastic vs bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

First up, toothbrushes. Dentists recommend that you get a new toothbrush every 3-4 months (That’s 4 toothbrushes a year for your whole life!) and each plastic toothbrush sticks around for many hundreds (if not thousands) of years once you’re done with it! Switching to a bamboo toothbrush where the handle can be composted will save so much plastic over the years! When bamboo toothbrushes reach the end of their life (remember you can use them for cleaning and other tasks as well) simply snap the head off and into your general waste and compost the handle. You could even extend the handles life further by using it as a plant label!

Find them in the shop here.

plastic bottle of shampoo vs shampoo bar

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Shampoo bars (and conditioner bars!). Ditch the single-use plastic bottle, simple lather the bar and apply to wet hair, rinse and repeat if desired. That simple! These Friendly Soap Shampoo Bars are also cruelty-free, have no sulphates, palm oil or preservatives as well as no plastic.

Find shampoo bars in the shop here and conditioner bars here.

plastics straws vs reusable metal straw

Reusable Metal Straw

Straws. Plastic straws are really bad for the environment
we’ve all seen the pictures with turtles and birds that have ingested them. Why not swap to a metal, bamboo or silicone and stop the use of single-use straws.

Find them in the shop here.

plastic sponge vs flat loofah sponge

Flat Loofah Sponge

Get rid of your plastic scrubby sponges in favour of these flat loofah sponges. These come super compact (flat-pack sponge!) but magically expand once wet. Made from the loofah plant which is similar to a courgette or squash but left to dry out leaving just the intricate sponge-like shell. Once the sponge reaches the end of its life simple compost or bury in the garden.

Find them in the shop here.

single use cotton pads vs reusable crochet cotton face wipes

Reusable Crochet Cotton Face Wipes

Disposable cotton face pads/rounds/wipes. A nice simple swap to a cotton face flannel or to these hand crochet cotton face rounds.

You can find them in the shop here.

christmas turkey vs festive sos mix wellington

Vegan Cranberry and Hazelnut SOS Mix Wellington

Christmas Dinner. There are loads of Veggie and Vegan alternatives to your standard Christmas roasts. Why not try this Vegan Cranberry and Hazelnut SOS Mix Wellington? It can even be made before the big day and frozen till needed!

Find the recipe on our blog here.

plastic or aluminium packaged deodorant vs natural deodorant in a cardboard tube


Deodorant Swap your spray cans and plastic rollers in favour of these all-natural, aluminium free deodorants in a recyclable, push-pop style cardboard tube. A perfect starter for your low waste swaps!

Find them in the shop here.

disposable tampons vs reusable menstrual cup

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups save so many single-use products from landfill, are usually much more comfortable and practical (swimming and cycling are a breeze with one of these), they don’t have the nasty chemicals that their disposable counterparts do and, ultimately, they save you so much money! Simply insert, go about your day (up to 12 hours!), remove, wash in warm soapy water and re-insert. At the end of your cycle give it another good clean in warm soapy water and pop into a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilise. Store ready for your next cycle. Oh, and you never get caught short or run out with one of these! Have any further questions? Message us or pop instore for a chat 😊

Find them in the shop here.

disposable nappies vs reusable cloth nappies

Reusable Cloth Nappies

Reusable nappies. The average potty-trained child will have used approximately 4000 to 6000 disposable nappies since birth and around 3 billion of them are disposed of into UK landfills each year! Reusable nappies are a great option to prevent this vast amount of waste, be kinder to your baby’s bum and, let’s be honest, if you’re worried about poo it’s really not that bad. We had so many blowouts in the first few months of disposable nappying our first child that cloth was nothing in comparison! We clothed our second since birth and never once had a poop blow out! Also any concerns about washing, our modern washing machines our perfectly well versed at cleaning things very well, no more scrubbing nappies by hand in the sink or soaking in buckets, simply dispose of solids in the loo and dry pail the nappies until wash day (every 2-4 days is best), pop in the machine with a good scoop on non-fragranced washing powder (bio works well at cleaning but can take its toll on bamboo cotton especially in the long run), then use a pre-rinse and a nice long cycle at 30-40º, hand to dry ready to go on the bum again!

(data from – https://www.wrap.org.uk/content/real-nappies-overview)

Find them in the shop here.

disposable cutlery vs reusable metal spork

Reusable Metal Spork

Single-use disposable cutlery. Up there with disposable straws, we see these daily, discarded on the floors as we walk around, reaching our waterways and eventually harming us, our wildlife and our environments. This simple swap of just carrying a set of reusable cutlery with you and refusing disposables in stores. You can get bamboo versions, foldable versions, these metal sporks or even just grab a set from your drawers at home!

Find them in the shop here.

laundry detergent vs natural laundry sheets

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Laundry detergent. Not only do these usually come in pretty hefty plastic bottles some also contain some pretty harsh chemicals. Along with our laundry liquid and fabric softener refills, there are also these laundry sheets, just chuck 1-3 in with your washload and get lovely fresh clean clothes!

Find them in the shop here.

plastic lip balm tube vs lip balm in metal tin

Lip Balm

Lip balm usually comes in plastic heavy tubes but can also be found in fully recyclable aluminium tins (and you don’t lose all that extra lip balm at the base of the tube!)

Find them in the shop here.

We hope you found these low waste swaps useful, let us know if there are any other simple low waste swaps you would recommend to those starting out on their zero-waste/low-waste journeys!

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